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Objectifying Your Health...


Analytics First

Simplified user experience for collecting, analyzing and utilizing the daily health metrics. TinyMedic's approach represents the entire EHR in temporal order: data is organized by patient and by each event; using a patient's entire Health History. TinyMedic allows clinicians to incorporate more information for improved Accuracy & Prediction


Federated Services

TinyMedic offers comprehensive & patient centric health informatics by integrating workflows for Physician, Pharmacy & Diagnostics. It consolidates functions on one platform and enables them to track the Patient's vitals of interest, Medication & Nutrition; Empowering the Doctors to review and provide personalised care.


Any Device / Any Time

Unique & secure user experience targetted for all devises & platforms. The platform built with security first allows every user (physician, pharmacy, diagnosis labs and clinical staff) to access the patient data with patient's permission on any device.

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Empower the Doctor

Calibrate and Personalize the Patient Care.

By integrating workflows for Physician, Pharmacy and Diagnostics and consolidating functions on one platform and providing quick access to medical records, drug information, and instant communication with physicians and co-workers, TinyMedic empowers all the users to make better, faster decisions. Mobility allows physicians, nurses, pharmacy & labs to respond promptly to alerts and patient requests, armed with real-time chart data and medical equipment readings. They can also consult other physicians and other specialists much faster


Health Informatics


Your data in your control. Share your info securely, using an OTP(One Time Password), with your Doctors, Pharmacy, Diagnosis Lab and even your loved ones.


Automated workflows efficiently eliminate paper handling, Secure handling of data like prescriptions and medication tracking, Fast and easy analysis of diagosis results and maintaining lifetime health history securely.


Proactive and Predictive monitoring of your vitals through a personalized dashborad to empower the Doctor to provide personalized care.


Access your data securely from anywhere without worrying about privacy; TinyMedic allows access for Second Opinions with any practitioner you permit.


Access personal health information, medication reminders & prescription 24/7/365.


Ensures highest levels of security & privacy for your data and maintains great quality on all the industry standard platforms and devices.


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